Games Like Adventure Fishing

Here is a list of games that are similar to Adventure Fishing.

VR Sportfishing

VR Sportfishing8

Download this realistic fighting game and explore the many different lakes available to you. You will have a large range of lures to choose from depending on the type of fish you want to catch, earn money from fishing and invest in a boat! You can also upgrade your pole and other things.

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Pishtech’s Ice Fishing Derby

Pishtech’s Ice Fishing Derby11

This fishing style game has realistic graphics to make it remain intersting and a real time based gameplay. You will be fishing in winter, so get ready for ice fishing! You will join a 5 day tournament, earn cash to purchase upgrades and have fun catching various fish from trout to pike!

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Real World Fly Fishing

Real World Fly Fishing11

If you’re tired of the old style graphics? This simulator has photo-realistic style graphics, meaning when you are showed your catch, it looks real! When you’re choosing the lures to purchase or use, it’s like you are looking in your very own tackle box at home, or on the lake.

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Go Fishing


Are you ready to get out on the water and catch some big ones? In this amusing game you have cute graphics that make things fun and interesting as you cast you line, watch for the bite and strike at just the right time to land the catch of the day! You will need to watch the force on the rod as well.

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FlySim Fly Fishing Game

FlySim 12

In this 3D simulator, fish behave naturally and life-like as you go fly fishing and hook that big catch. The whole thing is based around 3D graphics and physics which allows for a highly detailed entertainment with precision movements. You also have a large range of species, each with their own movements.

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If you like catching many different types of species, Fishao is for you. There are over 151 various species to catch! In this land, everyone’s funnest hobby is casting out the line and there are many different spots to choose from. However, the Trout Farm is by far the quickest way to level up.

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Bass Pro Shop: The Strike: Tournament Edition

Bass Pro Shop The Strike Tournament Edition3

In this exciting, and engaging Xbox title you have extreme interactive with the fishing pole controller which makes a more unique style of gameplay. You will be able to get gear, or just go fish. It’s great for all ages and has great graphics that brings you a great time.

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Let’s Fish

Let’s Fish9

With basic controls, but good graphics this is browser based and lets you play against people all over the world in a wonderful simulation. It’s available on Facebook, so all you have to do is log in, grab a pole, some tackle and cast your line to start catching stuff! Simply click “Reel” to bring the fish home!

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Lake Fishing: Green Lagoon


The controls of this amusing cast and real entertainer is simple, you will begin casting by clicking on an image of a man located in the top left corner. You then choose where you want to  cast your line and wait for a bite. When you start to get a bite, click anywhere to begin drawing the line in.

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Bass Fishing Challenge


Are you looking for a new entertainment to play, what something with better graphics to keep your interest? Bass Fishing Challenge brings you into a 3D world and will fill you with excitement as you choose which lure you want to use, cast your line and wait for that perfect bite, careful though as you will have to watch your tension or lose the fish!

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Fishing Trip Online

Fishing Trip Online

You will use your mouse to play as you go on a trip in one of three exotic places. Get ready to relax while listening to the background music, the realistic visuals will provide your attention with many wonderful surroundings and just cast out. When you get a bite, pull! Yep, controls are that easy.

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Angling Challenge

Angling Challenge

Angling Challenge provides you with a fun, but amusing challenge in a 3D environment. You will pick one out of four locations, Hardwoords, Advantage timber, and more. You will also be presented with great sounds, You will also need to adjust your click speed so it’s just right so your catch doesn’t get away!

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Fishing Champion


This one will put you right in the middle of all the action. It has a cartoon style to it, which makes it unique and interesting if you are looking for something a bit different. However, even with the cartoon style it remains realistic as you cast, hook and reel in your catch. You earn money, and join tournaments too!

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