Games Like AquaLife3D

Here is a list of games that are similar to AquaLife3D.



In this wonderful gameplay with fish you will match three items that are alike and click on them in order for you to earn points, and to win. The first level will be over when you clear all of the golden tiles. And you can earn extra points by creating and using a death tile.

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My Fishbowl


This is one of many fantastic games that you will find on Facebook. In this cute, fun, and very exciting fish gameplay your fish is able to produce different treasures which you can collect and sell for Shellbucks. The concepts of this is similar to the others of this type of genre on Facebook.

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Fish Tycoon


Play this in a virtual pet style as it has a real time fish breeding gameplay, with over 400 breeds of different fish. You will be trying to come up with that one special fish that you alone will create with all the breeding that is to take place. You are going to take good care of your fish, by feeding, and general care.

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Fish World


This is similar to FishVille, and is better than Zinga’s by a mile. It has much more to offer than others of this type and same genre. You will have to keep the fishes tanks clean and help out your friends as well. Your fishes happiness can benefit from the different decorations.

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insaniquarium 1

This is one of PopCap Games best selling personal computer gameplay, and is by the people who brought you Bejeweled. It is an aquarium type game, a bit quirky, with many features. You will find there is a lot of challenges in it, enough of them to keep you occupied for a good long time.

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Free Aqua Zoo

Free Aqua Zoo4

This is the answer for those of you who wanted an aquarium but not the room for it. This will provide the fish, the aquarium, an instead of taking up space it is stored away inside of your electronic device. It will help you to learn how to start up and keep your own aquarium, for when you do have the space for it.

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Jenny’s Fish Shop

Jenny's Fish Shop5

Time management gameplay about a girl name Jenny that starts her own little fish shop. Growing up by the sea she always dreamed of having an aquarium. This is a casual entertainer, with lots of different fish to pick out during the process of the gameplay. You’ll start out by picking your companion.

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Happy Aquarium


Developed by Crowdstar, this is played a lot on Facebook, and is popular. It has that simply gaming style of pick up and play. You’ll fall in love with the cartoon visuals. It has an extremely cute, and also funny gameplay to it. You’re going to find it exciting and a lot of fun.

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Farm Frenzy Gone Fishing

Farm Frenzy 10

This has a very good theme to it, which is based underwater. Not only will you be raising a variety of fish, but you will be helping Scarlett with her production facility as well. You are going to be fighting off a few bears during gameplay also. You’ll also be helping Scarlett buy and sell things from her island farm.

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You can become a Fish keeper in this gameplay. You will raise fish, and also breed them. You will even be selling a large amount of them, in various species. This is a time management game where you are going to create a business with many great challenging levels of gameplay.

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In this gameplay of fish you will see 18 very different interactive fish, with 70 exciting levels, each with hidden objects. You can explore the fantastic underwater world of Aquascapes. You will be responsible for taking care of your finned friends. It is a wonderful thing to be able to play with them and watch them as they are interacting and playing with one another.

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Bratz Fish Tank


Here’s your chance to make a fashion statement, by making a fashion show with your fish tank. Just pick the fish you’d want to be in it and decorate your tank up. You will have to keep track of how often you are feeding the fish by keeping a schedule.

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For more games like AquaLife3D, check out the Facebook Fish Games category.


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