Games Like Farm Frenzy Gone Fishing

Here is a list of games that are similar to Farm Frenzy Gone Fishing.

Fisher’s Family Farm

Fisher’s Family Farm

There’s been a bit of a twist to this amusement. It makes you feel all good inside when you get free of all your predators, it’s a great feeling, and you will have so much fun doing it. This is a time management entertainer. It was developed by the Big Fish Games.

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Free Aqua Zoo

Free Aqua Zoo7

If you are like so many others, and just don’t have the space to have an actual aquarium, do what the others are doing, create your very own aquarium right  here. That’s right, you can keep your aquarium downloaded and stored. All you will have to do is come by every day and feed your fish, and keep the tank appearance up.

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My Fishbowl


You’re going to love this game of fish. Always remember to feed your fish regularly and they will produce special treasures which you will be ale to sell later on for Shellbucks. Most gamers sell the treasures, but they use it to replenish items that are needed for the fish and tank as well.

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Fish Tycoon

Fish Tycoon 2

Welcome to Fish Tycoon, where you are going to see over 400 different breeds of beautiful fish. This is a Real Time Game, and it is going to keep you busy for hours of endless play. You will be breeding your fish. That means that you have to feed them regularly, everyday.

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insaniquarium 12

This computer game is the best selling of this genre on the market. It has an aquarium type of gameplay. It is interesting, and you are going to find it to be fun and exciting as well. Gamers are boasting about it all over the internet, it’s a must to check out.

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Fish World


Did you know that putting different decorations in your fish tank can help to keep your fish happy? Well, it’s true. This is full of interesting things for you to do, with many selections to choose from. Did you also know that in less than three months this has already gotten attention of gamers, and is now one of the most popular in this genre.

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Happy Aquarium


This has recently became another popular game you find on Facebook. You can’t help but think how sweet these little fish are , and you will decorate your tanks in a matter that the fish will love. What gamers like about this type of genre is the visual appeal it has, and all the many things it offers.

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This is one of those games you play on Facebook, and it lets you be in control. Yes, you will be in control of a virtual aquarium. It’s an aquarium simulation that is very fun and interesting to play. You will be buying, raising, and breeding your very own fish.

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Jenny’s Fish Shop

Jenny's Fish Shop5

Based on a girl that grew up living by the sea, she had a dream of someday owning her very own Fish Shop. Her name is Jenny, and Jenny buys a house by the water and begins her dream. You’ll love the gameplay, and there is much to be offered.

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This has a wonderful world of imaginary things. What it has to offer you is a fantastic time of fun and excitement. There are many items hidden in this world. As you watch your fish grow you will notice how they interact with one another, it’s rather interesting to watch.

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This is an exceptional entertainer. It is filled with wonderful graphics, and very realistic in its gameplay. It has several features to offer, and one of them will be a mode that is going to let you feel very relaxed. You will advance as you progress throughout the levels of play.

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Bratz Fish Tank


In this title your tank will need to be decorated, you can put some rocks, and stones in it, and a few plants. These are some of the things that will keep your fish happy. You are going to have a lot of fun with this, as it is exciting and very entertaining.

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For more games like Farm Frenzy Gone Fishing, check out the Download Fish Games category.


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