Games Like Fish World

Here is a list of games that are similar to Fish World.


Free Aqua Zoo

Free Aqua Zoo11

Have you ever wanted to be able to own your very own aquarium? You will have your chance in Free Aqua Zoo. You will have a chance to create different types of fish when you breed them as well as take care of them in this awesome game. You will even be able to visit your friends tanks as well.

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Download this fun aquarium themed title as you can customize the tanks so they appear how you would like. This is cool, but to make it even better you have the option of using your customized tank as your screen saver as well! You’ll need to match 3 or more of the same type to win!

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Farm Frenzy Gone Fishing

Farm Frenzy 11

If you’re the type to hang a gone fishing sign, this may be the perfect underwater entertainment for you. You will have a large selection of fish to raise, and you will help make various gears by assisting Scarlett in managing a product facility. You’ll have to fight off foes like bears, and run the island Farm!

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Are you ready to have fun in this one of a kind entertainment brought to you buy PopCap Games? You will have all the fun you can handle in this amazing and challenging amusement. Insaniquarium will have you completing puzzles in an aquatic setting. Start small and work your way to big.

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Enter a virtual world that will let you breed and raise your very own virtual fish. This is a game that will keep you busy as you breed, grow and eventually sell one of a kind fish. Be sure to keep an eye on their food as well as keeping their tank very clean and tidy.

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Fish Tycoon


It is time for you to have your very own virtual pet fish. Fish Tycoon will let you do all this and more. You can breed the 7 magical fish of Isola. Experiment creating different types of fish breeds as well as taking care of a one of a kind aquarium. You will certainly have plenty of fun when you play.

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Happy Aquarium


Happy Aquarium is a great way to kill some time, especially if you tend to be on Facebook a lot. You will have a chance to buy, breed, grow, and sell all sorts of different fish in your very own aquarium. You can buy or breed your fish pets and even play with them.

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My Fishbowl


Join a great virtual universe that have you creating your very own fish breeds as well as taking care of an ocean of fish. You will have to follow the tasks and care for all your fish daily. You can add fish, collect special treasures to earn shellbucks to buy all sorts of items and decorations.

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Jenny’s Fish Shop

Jenny's Fish Shop6

Are you ready for an all new time management entertainment that will have you owning your very own fish shop? Jenny’s Fish Shop will have you raising very rare fish in her little old home. You will get to breed and sell different types of fish. You can even pick a companion.

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It is time to explore the wonderful underwater world in Aquascapes. This a great hidden object world that will have you taking care of all sorts of different fish and earn money with mini puzzles. You can customize your very own tank as well as play in 70 different puzzle levels and have 18 different fish.

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Are you ready to see what it would be like to be a fishkeeper? You will have a chance in FishCo. You are working your way to becoming a Master in the art of fish keeping. You will have to breed, raise, and sell as many fish as possible. Create your tank and begin to creating the business of the world.

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Bratz Fish Tank


Are you ready to throw glam into your very own fish tank? Bratz Fish Tank will give you the option to fashionize your amazing tank. Choose what type of fish you want, decorate, and simply log in to feed your fish daily and watch them grow into fabulous creatures. No matter what you are in to, you will love this.

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For more games like Fish World, check out the Facebook Fish Games category.


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