Games Like Rapala Tournament Fishing

Here is a list of games that are similar to Rapala Tournament Fishing.

Bass Pro Shop: The Strike: Tournament Edition

Bass Pro Shop The Strike Tournament Edition10

This title comes with a very interactive fishing pole controller that brings a new way to engage with the gameplay. You can play on the Xbox 360 or Wii, and even supports Wii Plus. The graphics are great and make it even funner as you see your catches during weigh in. Do you have what it takes to win the tournament?

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Pishtech’s Ice Fishing Derby

Pishtech’s Ice Fishing Derby12

If you want exotic fishing, you should try ice fishing. In this fun entertainer you are provided with realistic 3D graphics and dynamic mechanics. You’re also going to have a real time 5 day tournament, earn rewards to purchase upgrades, do this with catching trout, walleye and more. Sit back, relax and cast out.

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FlySim Fly Fishing Game

FlySim 12

This 3D fishing entertainment is based around physics, which means each fish species has their own realistic movements. The rivers also have realistic movements as physics allow the currents to take in account for rocks, and other natural objects. This simulation will surely keep you excited throughout the whole game.

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Real World Fly Fishing

Real World Fly Fishing11

With 24 various rivers to choose from, and over 475 different locations to choose at those rivers you will have plenty of places to attempt catching fish. You will be provided with various levels from beginner to expert, and with photo-realistic graphics, everything from the fish to the lures look real as can be!

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Go Fishing


Available on Facebook, this title has very cute graphics that will keep your visual interests as you take on challenging missions. The overall concept is to go fishing, and of course land the biggest fish you can! You’ll cast your line, and when the floater begins bobbing, STRIKE! If you timed it just right, you’ll reel it in!

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There is well over 151 types of fish for you to catch in this amazing browser based title. You will be able to land many of your favorite types of fish, you’ll have different areas to chose from and you can even fish at a trout farm for faster experience and leveling of your character!

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VR Sportfishing

VR Sportfishing10

This is an exciting entertainment, but one of the most popular features it provides has to be the realistic weather dynamics which will offer you challenges along the way. It also has fish behaviors that you’d expect from real life fishing. For even more, you’ll have a day and night transition as well!

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Let’s Fish

Let’s Fish2

Have you been looking for a way to go fishing in a vast virtual world? You will have a chance in Let’s Fish. You will be able to travel to different locations in order to hunt for all sorts of species. You will certainly be able to enjoy yourself in this realistic scenery.

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Bass Fishing Challenge


It is your time to shine in this one of a kind fishing entertainment. Bass Fishing Challenge will have you going to various locations in order to find the biggest Bass of all time. You will have to catch as many fish as possible in 5 minutes in order to level up.

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Super Fishing


Super Fishing will allow you to travel to South Florida in order to try to find the biggest fish in the world. You will be able to get a pro-license as well as go through several different fishing areas to try to catch 68 different types of fish. You will have a lot of fun when you play.

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Fishing Trip Online


Pack up your gear and hit the road. You are getting ready for the greatest fishing adventure ever in Fishing Trip Online. You will be able to cast your line from anywhere in order to enjoy the realistic feel of being in the wild hunting for the big fish of the water.

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Angling Challenge

Angling Challenge

Angling Challenge will allow you to enter an amazing 3D universe that will allow you to go fishing for some of the biggest and most powerful fishes in the world. You will even be able to enjoy fishing from a boat or from land. Simply use your mouse and arrow keys to play.

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Fishing Champion


Get in the middle of all the awesome fishing action in Fishing Champion. This will have you trying to catch the biggest and most fish in the world. You will have to catch the bonus fish in order to make extra money. If you think you have what it takes, start your game now.

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Sea Fishing


Would you like a chance to see what it would be like to fish on the sea? You now will have a chance in Sea Fishing. Your main goal is to catch as many fish as possible to have the highest score ever. You will be able to throw your bait and wait for the monster fish.

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