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Impressive graphics.

No other way to get new fish than buy a baby fish in the in-game store.

AquaLife3D is a Facebook game that puts you, the player, in control of virtual aquariums, where you can buy, breed, raise and yes, even sell your own fish to earn XP, diamonds, and coins. In this aquarium simulation game, you will be handling multiple duties related to the breeding and care of your virtual fish.

This includes tapping on the fish to view their general statistics, such as hunger, their growth period, their level, and how much money they are worth.


You will need to keep a close eye on your fish to make sure that they get enough food and don’t starve! And like feeding real fish, feeding your virtual fish is a treat to the eyes–when you drop the food, they zip right up to the drifting food and nibble it up.

Each fish has a different growth period which will tell you how long it takes for them to grow. Some of the fish may grow in just a few short minutes! While others may take a few days to grow. As a fish grows, they gain a new level. Every time a fish gains a new level, this increases the fish’s price and increases the reward that you can get when you sell the fish.


The highest level a fish can gain is the 5th level, which is where the fish stops growing and when their sell cost are at its highest. Other duties in the game include making sure that the tank is clean, which is done using the “sponge” option, and making sure to clear out any fish who have died in order to keep the fish around them healthy.

The gameplay for AquaLife3D is fairly simple. You can visit the in-game fish store to buy new baby fish for your aquarium; each fish “portrait” you see will give you plenty of information about the real-life fish, which gives this fun game an educational twist.


For more screenshots, click here.

What types of fish, and how many, you can afford will depend on how many coins you have. In addition to fish, you can even buy decorations and other items for your tank! These items are organized into categories, which makes it easy for you to find exactly what you want in the store.

All in all, AquaLife3D is a great, relaxing Facebook game if you enjoy simulators and want to play a game that only requires you to check it out every once in a while to make sure your fish are doing okay.

AquaLife3D is free to play.

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