Bass Pro Shop: The Strike – Tournament Edition

8.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10

Engaging gameplay and highly interactive fishing pole controller.

Many loading screens when buying new equipment.

Do you love to fish? Well, Bass Pro Shop: The Strike – Tournament Edition is just the game for you! If you do not have the extra time to gather up your gear and head out to your favorite fishing lake, try out this game. This game is just as fun and relaxing as a real fishing trip! Costs less and it is not as messy!

This is a great game for the Xbox 360 or Wii owners! This game support Wii plus as well! You can either buy this game by itself or as a bundle. This game is really run and be almost as realistic as the real deal! Kids and adults will love this game once you try it!

Bass Pro Shop The Strike Tournament Edition 12

This game features the beat fishing lakes in North America! What is so cool is that these games even accurately maps out landmarks and each lake. What makes this game awesome are the graphics! The weeds, rocks, and fallen trees look as real as the ones at an actual lake!

Are you a fisherman who loves the different types of lures available? This game has hundreds of different types of lures to choose from. What is even better is that you can pick and choose the rod and reel combination of your dreams! Have you ever ran across a rod and reel that you would love to own? This game is the next best thing! There are at least a dozen or more types of game fish for you to fish for; they look as real as one right out of the lake!

Bass Pro Shop The Strike Tournament Edition2

Okay, here is where the action is! You can join in on tournament fishing right from the comfort of your living room or bedroom!

The Bass Pro game has three types of tournaments for you to choose. The first tournament is for Amateurs, this is called the “Amateur Open”. As you gain experience you can join the Super Series and the Pro Circuit Tournaments!

Throughout the Bass Pro Shop game you will gain cool rewards by completing mini-games. Your equipment is just like what you will need to take on a real fishing trip! Whether you are a beginner or a serious fisherman this is the game for you! The quick fish course will allow you to enjoy fishing in a casual, laid back manor.

Bass Pro Shop The Strike Tournament Edition3

For more screenshots, click here.

Fishing is a way that many people use to relax either during the weekdays or over the weekend! So, if you find that you do not have time to get your gear together and head out to the nearest fishing spot; grab your Bass Pro Shop: The Strike – Tournament Edition game and controllers and cop a squat!

This game is so good that it will make you feel like you are actually at the lake fishing while you are actually sitting in your favorite chair at home! Come join us today! I guarantee you will like this game so much you will want to invite your friends over to play too!

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