Crazy Finger Fishing

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

The hook is very easy to control.

Graphics are fuzzy.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: iPhone Fish Games.

This is a fishing game that kids love and parents approve! This is a fishing game that has at least 100 different clearances and 80+ kinds of fish for you to catch! What is so cool about this game is that while you are fishing you learn about all of the different types of fish on the game! Think about it, you can go on a fishing trip with your Pawpaw and be able to tell him what kind of fish you or he just caught!

What is so awesome about this game is that you can download it to your Mom or Dads iPhone or iPad (with their permission) and you can play it on the go! This is a great game to keep you busy and pass the time when you and your family are on a long trip.

Crazy Finger Fishing4

I know many kids love going shopping but get bored quick when he or she has to wait on Mom or Dad to finish shopping, and Moms cannot stand it when you become bored because many kids (not saying you do) act up when he or she gets bored. So, if you have this game you will not only have fun while shopping or on trips with the family, your mom will love the fact that you did not act up in public or in the car!

The Crazy Finger Fishing game features,

  • A flexible mode for a better fishing experience
  • Many different fish
  • Challenges
  • Rankings and honors of you and other fishermen
  • Very bright
  • Colorful

Crazy Finger Fishing2

Updates for your Crazy Finger Fishing Game will be available on social media websites for your convenience; and they are free updates! These updates will show you how to add a shark to your game and how to obtain new props throughout the game as you play! The updates will explain how to become higher in rank and show how to continue playing a game that has been suspended.

Ok, the Crazy Finger Game has a cute little story that makes the game even better than just fishing. The story is about a fishing contest that is being held in the Caribbean! This is a World’s Annual Fishing Contest! As the story unfolds you will find that many people who love to fish have traveled here from all over the world to fish!

Crazy Finger Fishing3

For more screenshots, click here.

Each person will bring different skills with them and use those skills to catch the ultimate fish! Who would not like to win a prize and a trophy for doing what he or she loves doing? I know I would! Plus, what better place to enjoy an awesome fishing trip than in the Caribbean!!

When playing the Crazy Fingers Fishing Game you will have the best of both worlds; you will be able to enjoy a fun game and enjoy fishing right from the palm of your hand! No matter if you are in a car on a road trip, or in a shopping buggy with Mom at the store, or at home sitting in your living room, Crazy finger Fishing is the game for you!

Get your fishin’ gear! Daylight is burnin’!

Crazy Finger Fishing is free to play.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: iPhone Fish Games.


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