Fin Friends

8.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Easy to learn controls.

Fish “shield” will only protect you once.

Fin Friends is a wonderful game for kids and the young at heart! This game has characters that are happy and they live in the awesome ocean!

Okay, here is the jest of it. You swim around the beautiful ocean and while swimming you will have to avoid the dangers lurking below the ocean’s surface. Make sure you avoid the fish nets! There are evil creatures that are sitting in one place all over the ocean and your job is to avoid these bad guys!

In order for you to control how and where your fish swims you will have to touch the screen for your fish to swim up and do not touch the screen if you want your fish to swim lower. You can collect stars to help you get a higher score.

Fin Friends1

Oh no! Watch out! Ruby needs your help! Hurry! Her friends have been caught by an evil Blowfish Gang! Once Ruby saves her friends she will hide them in the safety of the caves. The Blowfish Gang will not be happy!

Do the best you can and watch your back, there are Blowfish Gang members and other mean creatures lurking around everywhere! Now remember the best way to fight and protect yourself from the hazards of the ocean you will need to help and gather as many friends as you can! The more the merrier!

The other creatures in the ocean that are scaring are the snapping crabs and the acid spewing squids! There are many meaner ocean creatures that would love to take your friends away from you! So be alert!

Fin Friends2

Okay, so that you can advance to the next level be sure to complete each challenge! This will not only help you to go to the next level it will help you get a better score too!

This game features beautiful and colorful scenes from under the ocean’s surface. It is easy to learn and navigate the game. There is never a dull moment because you will run into different obstacles throughout your game. The more challenges you complete the better your score becomes and you will gain experience to go to the next level!

As you go on your journey to save your Fin Friends from the evil Blowfish Gang and other mean ocean creatures such as the acid spewing squids and the snapping crabs you will be able to unlock many more Fin Friends!

Fin Friends4

For more screenshots, click here.

You will have to stay on your toes with this game because you will never know when a mean boss will appear and try to hurt you! With each challenge you will obtain items that are very powerful that you can use to defeat many mean creatures!

Come help Ruby save her Fin Friends from the Blowfish Gang, Acid Spewing Squids, and the snapping crabs! We really need your help! The more your free from the horrible hands of the bad guys the easier it will be to defeat the big bosses ahead! Help!

Fin Friends  is free to play.

Play Fin Friends Now


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