Fish Paradise

8.6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10

Tons of short games to gain experience and gold coins.

It's seldom you can find a rare fish.

Fish Paradise is a game that is made for the iPhone, iPad, and the computer!  You can download this game for free through the iTunes website! (This is the part your Mom and Dad will love!)

Have you ever had to go on a long trip and be bored out of your mind? Fish Paradise will keep you from being bored! You can play it on your Moms iPhone or iPad while you are riding! Fish Paradise is fun and the long trip you were dreading will be over sooner than you thought because you are too busy enjoying Fish Paradise!

Fish Paradise4

This game is about fish (of courseJ) If you like fish games, you will love Fish Paradise!  Have you ever wanted an aquarium and Mom or Dad said, “NO!” Well, fear no more Fish Paradise is the next best thing to a real aquarium!

Fish Paradise is fun and relaxing! What is so cool is that you can create your very own aquarium! The Fish Paradise game has accessories that you can use to make your aquarium cool! There are many backgrounds for you to choose from and sands of different colors! This game allows you to feed your fish and raise them from little fish up to a full grown fish! There are many rare fish included within the Fish Paradise game. There are pygmy sea horses, sea hares, leaf sea dragons, mandarin fish, nautilus, and many more!

Fish Paradise1

To gain experience and money there are several mini-games available during the game to help you with this! The more money you collect and win the more decorations you can buy for your aquarium. The more experience you gain will help you to level up at a faster pace! There is a game by the name of Treasure Slot that can help you to win up to 1,000 times whatever amount you bet! Another awesome way to catch rare fish and collect more money is to play the Net Fishing game!

Everyone loves prizes! Did you know that all through the game you can play mini-games and win prizes and gain experience for each level you complete.

Fish Paradise2

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This game is awesome for a person who loves fishing type games. You can really get involved with this game. You can feed, raise and decorate your aquarium with your fish and accessories! But do not forget that you not only have an awesome game to play, you also have a game that you can meet new friends with! You can connect with new friends by inviting them to play Fish Paradise with you. Do not forget to tell your friends and neighbors about Fish Paradise so they can play too!

Remember, Fish Paradise is free to play! Very colorful and easy to decorate and enjoy feeding and raising your very own fish! Not counting the fact, you will have many mini-games to play and enjoy! Plus, you can make new along the way!

Come play with us! Fish Paradise is fun for everyone!

Fish Paradise is free to play.

Play Fish Paradise Now


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