Fish Party Online

8.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Intuitive controls.

There are numerous connection timeouts and freezes.

Fish Party is so cool we guarantee that you will not want to stop playing! Fish Party is a game for the whole family to enjoy!  You can play casually to you can challenge friends and family!

Okay, this is the part that you will have to create your avatar! You can also have the fun of buying new and exotic fish and decorate the fish the way you want them to look! (In order to get more stuff you will need to play the game to collect money and SeaStars!) You will enjoy this game with its 3D graphics and bright and colorful scenes throughout the game!

Once you have your fish picked out and decorated it is time to play! The controls to this game are very easy to use!

Fish Party Online 1

Okay, this game is a wonderful way to meet friends or play with other people online and make friends that way too! However, many people will try out the game alone first to see how everything works! You do not want to challenge someone and not know how everything works first, do you?

There is a test that you can take during the game as single player and it will test your determination and courage! The best way to play this game is with a friend! (Two heads are better than one!) Some of the mini-games are a little difficult and playing them with a friend can help you to defeat that level and win rewards and prizes for beating it!

Did you know that you can have you and 7 other people play this game together?  This is a cool part of the game because you can play with friends and family in this mode!

Fish Party Online 5

Fish Party Online has several games to choose from! The games included with this game are Fish Defense, Coin Rush, Ghost Hunting Steal the Eggs, Pac Fish, Stay Alive, and Bomb War! You will not ever grow tired of this fun and exciting game!

The more mini-games you play and win the more experience and money you will gain! By winning money and experience you will be able to buy items from the Fish Party store for your game. There are items such as a Gold Shark, Melon Fish, Mermaids, and Panda Fish!

There is another awesome way to win money and rare prizes! There is a Fish Party Online Lottery! You use the keys, coins, and SeaStars to have a chance to win rare prizes!

Fish Party Online 2

For more screenshots, click here.

Many people have an account through a social network of some sort and with this game you can reach out and meet new friends from all over the world or invite your existing friends to play with you! You can send gifts to friends and they can send gifts to you!

The larger fish eat the small fish, so if your fish are little, R-U-N!

Join us on Fish Party Online today! We are free to join and play! You can meet new people and you can play with all of your friends and family too!

Fish Party Online is free to play.

Play Fish Party Online Now


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