Fish Tycoon

8.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 9/10

There are over 400 species of fish to breed.

There are glitches in the game and the ads are distracting.

Have you ever wanted a fish aquarium? Come try out Fish Tycoon it is a fun and exciting virtual fish game! The Fish Tycoon game is made for iPhone and iPad and will give you hours of fun and entertainment! The Fish Tycoon game will start you out with $300 and some eggs that have been gathered from the Isola Island!

You will have an aquarium with fish that you will have to take care of. The Fish Tycoon you will have to constantly take good care of your fish! There are at least a little over 400 different types of fish available for your aquarium. What is so cool about the Fish Tycoon game is that you can decorate your aquarium the way you would like!

Fish Tycoon 1

There are several different types of equipment to use in your aquarium! The game has an awesome screensaver to work with! There are many decorations to choose from so you can make your aquarium a “One of kind” aquarium! There are different surprises every time you turn the game on!  Did you know that you can also magically enhance you aquarium?

After you have set up and decorated your fish aquarium you can now begin the game. The goal is to unlock a puzzle that will lead you to the discovery of 7 magic fish on the island of Isola! In order to make money to support your aquarium you can breed your fish and sale them to other people. The puzzles are genetic puzzles that explain and show you what types of fish that creates a new breed of fish.

Fish Tycoon 4

Now, you will have to remember to check in from time to time on your fish even if you are not playing the game. The fish Tycoon is much like having your very own aquarium at home. The Fish Tycoon game is set up to continue going even if you are not playing it, much like taking care of a real pet. The fish will need fed! Sometimes your fish will come down with something and you will have to tend to that fish until you have cured the illness the fish has. What is even cooler is that you can create baby fish on this game!

The Fish Tycoon is a game that is not only fun and exciting; it will show you how a business works while teaching you how to take care of an aquarium of fish and the aquarium itself!

Fish Tycoon 2

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The Fish Tycoon game has several mini-games and challenges for you to enjoy and earn money and gain experience along the way! These games will allow you to earn money that will help you to buy more items and fish for your aquarium!

Fish aquariums are known to be fun and relaxing! You can have a virtual aquarium that you decorate yourself and fish of your very own to care for! Come join us at the Fish Tycoon today! It is fun, free, and exciting, all rolled up in one!

Fish Tycoon is free to play.

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