Fish World

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The decorations can help improve your fish's happiness.

The best items can be only be purchased with real money.

About Fish World

Many Facebook gamers know Zynga as the leading game creator with an amazing selections of games to choose from. Less than 3 months ago Zynga’s FishVille  became one of the most popular aquarium games on Facebook. Little do gamers know that even though it is the most popular, does not mean it is one of the best or even an original idea.

Tall Tree Games have actually been on Facebook longer than Zynga and are the proud creators of the aquarium game, Fish World. Fish World, although it plays very similarly to FishVille, outshines Zinga’s prototype in leaps and bounds.

Although Fish World has the same basic concept as FishVille, Fish World offers gamers a much higher offering from the starting point. From the simplest of tasks like cleaning the fish tanks to helping friends, Fish World offers a more polished and in-depth gaming experience.

The Game

Like FishVille, in Fish World you must purchase fish eggs, feed baby fish in order to raise them to adulthood and then sell them for solid cash.


Different types of fish have a different growth period from a few hours to a number of days. You must check in regularly, to make sure they are well fed and not starving. This is the main core of the game.

Aquarium games, in general, consist of repetitive actions that bring about more fish, more decorations and more sales the longer you play the game. Fish World is no exception to the rule.

Interaction with Friends and Tricks of the Trade

Your interaction with friends is a great deal more in-depth than in other aquarium games that you have experienced. Yes, you can send gifts to friends, like in other games, and make repairs to tank problems. Not only that, you will also be able to revive dead fish for your friends and steal their fish for your own tank!

Unless you are willing to spend money, you are not able to revive your own fish. You can, however, ask your friends to revive your fish for free. This offers a whole new twist to the aquarium game world, giving  a more social atmosphere for all players.


Stealing fish will never leave a tank empty because there is a new built-in set of rules that will prevent that from ever happening. Players may only steal one fish per neighbor each day. If you steal a fish, you may not sell it for at least 4 hours. Therefore, snagging a sole fish is not going to effect anyone’s numbers nor give you enough to live on.

Although reviving fish and making an occasional theft might be fun, it is not the bulk of the game that you should be focusing on. Buying fish, decorating tanks and caring for your fish is the main core of the game.

Your Shopping Needs

The Shop in Fish World is not only well organized but offers a large array of items to choose from. As experienced in other games, you can only purchase items depending on your level. In Fish World everything is grouped into categories instead of by level.

If you want exotic fish, you would go to that particular category. Your decorating themes are also categorized, such as a pirate theme. New items and categories are added regularly in order to collect great fish and increase your decorations that complement your chosen theme.


For more screenshots, click here.

Fish World’s store offers far more than any other aquatic game, it is chock full of  every theme, taste and mood possible. Whether you are from the great state of Texas and want a western theme or want a look from “Down Under” with Sidney’s Opera House — This shop has it!

Got a great sense of humor? Fish World is going to give you that as well! You can celebrate just about any holiday you can imagine from Halloween to Christmas. How about skeleton fish or fish snowmen? There are so many fun things to delve into, you will never, ever be bored in Fish World!

In a Nutshell

It is no wonder that Zynga was inspired by Fish World when creating FishVille. Zynga has only tapped on the surface of what Fish World is offering their gamers. If you are looking for a richer, more in-depth experience in aquarium games, look no further than Fish World!

Fish World is free to play.

Play Fish World Now


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