7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Customizable tanks. You can use your tanks as a screen saver.

Very similar to other games.

If you love to play matching games, Fishdom is the game for you. In order to make points and win the game you will have to create matches of three of the same item and click on them. The first level of the game is completed when you click on items and clear all of the golden tiles. If you want to create what is called a death tile you will have to combine five pieces of the same items. The death tile will blow up, and destroy tiles up to two tiles away and you will earn extra points by doing so.


Timing is Everything

The second level is a timed level; be sure to hurry! The full version of Fishdom has three aquariums that are themed and ready to be developed. You can customize and interact with each virtual environment. What is so cool is that you will have 100 items and many more fish types as well as many more accessories to choose from should you choose to download the full free version of Fishdom.


You will have unlimited turns on this game, and you can create your very own aquarium. What is so cool is that you can use your aquarium you create as the screensaver for your computer. You do not have to download this game. You can play the browser version and have just as much fun, but it is not able to be customized like the downloaded full version.

Cool Features & Fun Times


For more screenshots, click here.

There is a green eye located on the top left hand corner of the screen, and if you click on it you can sit back and enjoy the view in your aquarium. On the third aquarium, you will find that a firecracker will pop up. If you click on that firecracker it will destroy all tiles within one tile radius. Remember the firecracker tile only pops up as a result of a six matches one right after the other during one click.  On level four, you will find that if you match six pieces in an “L” shape you will earn dynamite and dynamite can destroy tiles within a three tile radius. On level five in Fishdom, you will encounter a locked tile. The only way to unlock this tile is to bring down two other matching tiles. You can match five tiles and create a bomb next to the locked tile and it will blow up the lock.

As you play each level becomes a little harder, so get ready. Have fun.

Fishdom is free to play.

Play Fishdom Now


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