Freddi Fish and The Stolen Shell

8.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Captivating worlds and fun adventure game.

Overpriced for what little you get.


Become friends with Freddi Fish and help him find the Great Conch Shell.

Someone has stolen the Great Conch Shell and it’s up to you and Freddi Fish to find out who did it. The shell is important to the Founder’s Day festival, which can’t begin until Uncle Blenny has it back in his possession. Your kids will love teaming up with Freddi Fish and his friends.

FreddiFishandTheStolenShell 1

The will get to go on all kinds of adventures through ancient ruins, a sunken airplane, and a fun carnival. Freddi’s friends include Rosy Pearl, Pierre the Tailor, Nadine the Narwhal, and many more the swim around in the underwater paradise. You little ones will put together all the clues that they find with Freddi, which will help them find the Great Conch Shell and catch the criminal.

FreddiFishandTheStolenShell 7


  • Play the game over and over again, with new clues and culprits each and every time.
  • Amazing underwater worlds, fun characters, and exciting challenges.
  • Integrated with Apple GameCenter to score in-game achievements.
  • Use the interactive touchscreen to score hidden surprises.
  • Use the organ to make your own songs or play with the Crook Book.

FreddiFishandTheStolenShell 5

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NEW FEATURE: The game now has subtitles you can read along with. The text can be toggled off and on at any time. This is a perfect option for the hearing impaired or for kids learning to read.

Freddi Fish as a loveable character that your kids will adore, and that they will be happy to go on a fun adventure with, supplying endless hours of gameplay.

Head to the App Store and get in on the fun that other parents and kids have fallen in love with!

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