Free Aqua Zoo

8.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Variety of funny and colorful fishes.

Slow-paced game.

Have you ever wanted to have your own aquarium but have limited space in your home? Does your child want a pet? Free Aqua Zoo will provide you with the wanted pets, aquarium, and is stored in your computer or other electronic device.

In Free Aqua Zoo you learn how to build your own beautiful aquarium and customize it with beautiful tropical fish. This online game by Upjers allows you to become a proud fish breeder. You are also an aquarium designer. You will also be able to visit the aquariums of other aquarium enthusiasts.

Free Aqua Zoo7

The goal you are seeking is to make your aquarium as cozy as possible, collect as many fish as you can, and care for your pets to the best degree. There is a large variety of fish for you to build your underwater paradise. Many of these are unique.

Your virtual aquarium will be filled with beautiful colorful that you catch yourself, buy, or trade. The more enchanting your bait is the more beautiful fish you will lure. If you do not have patience to catch fish or have no luck at fishing you can always visit the pet shop and choose from the variety they carry.

Free Aqua Zoo8

A visit to the pet shop would cost you money. You can also trade with other aquarium breeders. You can also trade at the local fish market.

The tank must be filled and decorated. You want to make it the most attractive aquarium ever. There are a range of items to purchase at the in-game shop. These items include miniatures, plants, and corals. Your creativity is unlimited when it comes to decorating and designing your underwater pet home. This home will make the fish proud as long as you keep it clean. Remember a clean fish is a happy fish.

Your care of the fish will help the property to prosper. Always remember to feed, cuddle, and tickle them.

Free Aqua Zoo11

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You can also challenge and visit other players. From these other players you can learn new ideas that you can take back to your pet home. You can trade fish. By visiting other breeders you can earn new achievements.

Free Aqua Zoo offers an exciting challenge for beginners and experts. There are daily quests, special tasks, and special rewards which will yield fun for you.

The game is free. It offers you unique and detailed graphics. It is fun for both young and old alike.

Free Aqua Zoo is free to play.

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