Jenny’s Fish Shop

7.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 8/10

Good collection of power-ups.

There's a long wait time between selections.

About Jenny:

Jenny grew up by the sea, dreaming about having her own aquarium shop. On the way of achieving her dream, she buys an old house by the water and starts her own tiny fish shop. Though small and old, Jenny knows she’s got what it takes to have a prosperous business and raise rare fish.

What Is Jenny’s Fish Shop:

This game is a time management game about a fish shop. If you are into time management games and enjoy fish, you will love this casual game. There are lots of fish to choose from and a lot of fun to experience along the way.

Getting Started:

From the very beginning, you will have a choice of two little pets to pick from as your companion; Sharkey the fish or Taz the Turtle. Each companion has unique powers that increase as you feed them until you are granted a power up.

Jenny's Fish Shop2

Sharkey grants increased growth bonuses to all your fish, allowing them to mature more quickly.

Taz will increase the vitality and patience of your fish waiting for tanks. Taz can also give a slight boost of speed to your machine.

The Game:

Select a fish and place it in your tank. Different fish like different tank decorations and you will be shown this info in an overhead bubble. Select the right decoration for your fish and then click the machine to assemble the decorations. Once assembled, place your decorations into the tank. Shortly thereafter, your fish will request to be fed.

Along the course of the game, you will discover special vitamins that can be added to your fish food. These vitamins can increase your fish’s growth and increase their overall value.

Your fish will develop various needs including cleaning their tanks, medications and changing the air jets and lighting.

Jenny's Fish Shop6

You will get bonuses for certain tasks including using the machine several times in a row or by quickly completing requests. You will also be rewarded for the number of fish you place in a tank that are the same.

Your Fish:

Your fish have a vitality/patience level which are displayed in a need bubble by a rising waterline. If you fail to meet your fish’s needs, it will die and you will lose a sale.

When a fish has reached complete maturity it is ready to be sold. By clicking on the money icon will clear the tank. Keep in mind that various fish have different speeds in growth and different values.

Your Levels:

As your levels increase, you will be given the option to purchase upgrades. Some of these upgrades include better tanks, fish of greater value, faster machines, a computer to receive fish request and sneakers to make Jenny move faster. You will also have the option for tank upgrades in order for your pet to boost his power up abilities.

Jenny's Fish Shop12

For more screenshots, click here.

Don’t get discouraged, starting off you will not be able to purchase much, but this will change as the game progresses.

The Mini Game:

After a few levels you will be offered the mini game. Seagulls are attacking tiny turtles and Jenny must fend the off. You must flick away the seagulls and get the tiny turtles to walk faster. If you succeed and the turtles make it to the water, Jenny’s speed will also increase in the next level.¬† You will also receive a cash reward for all the turtles you save.

This mini game always shows up after a certain number of levels have been completed. So don’t get discouraged if you don’t get very far this first time. There are no penalties for being unsuccessful!


This game offers wonderful graphics that are quite cute and fully animated. The background music fits very nicely with the theme of the game. After the first 10 levels the game picks up speed significantly, just be patient. It doesn’t take very long to get through the first 10 and then you will be suitably fast and very busy! If you like a casual, fun game you will like Jenny’s Fish Shop.

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