My Fishbowl

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Gameplay: 7/10
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Your fish can produce treasures that can be sold for more Shellbucks.

The items expire once they are put into the tank.

What is My Fishbowl Game

My Fishbowl is one of the fastest growing aquarium games on Facebook in which you manage your own virtual fishbowl. You can add fish, collect treasures and use these treasures to earn shellbucks. Players use their cash to purchase more fish or for decorations.

The Game

My Fishbowl uses the same concept as Facebook’s ever popular Farmville. You are raising fish in your own virtual fishbowl instead of growing and harvesting crops. The game’s concepts are vary similar to other farming style games found on Facebook.

Needless to say, fish do require some level of care such as feeding them. Each fish has its own indicator bar that allows you to know when it’s time to feed them.  Their energy level decreases as their need for food increases. You must feed them before the bar is completely gone or they will die. Fish, very much like their real world counterparts, must be fed on a regular basis.


Fish Food

You are offered three types of food to choose from.  Fish food consists of calories in order for higher cost fish to fill up more quickly and you are using fewer pellets. The food comes in low grade, medium grade and high grade formulas. Upon clicking the “feed” icon, your fish feed store will pop up, showing you how many pellets you have left and whether it’s time to purchase more food.


You can decorate your tank with many wonderful items of choice to create a unique environment for your fish.

You can change the background colors of your tank and even add different bubble styles. Keep in mind, these will cost real cash or “gold” in order to add.

Different plants and corals may be added to your bowl using both shellbucks and gold to purchase. In the decorations section, click on “Other” in order to add unique items to your tank. From pirate items such as chests, anchors and ships to cute  items such as dolls, lollipops, bears and candy hearts.



They are many different types of starfish to choose from that come in an array of wonderful colors.


Shellbucks or game cash are received when your fish produce treasure items that you pickup in the bowl. You take these treasures and redeem them for shellbucks. Different fish drop a variety of treasures that will give you even more shellbucks. The treasures sit in your tank until you collect them.  Keep in mind that if your fish die, they will not produce treasures and any treasures they have produced will be lost, if you have not traded them in.

My Fishbowl Pets

These little pets are great features that help you along the way by providing food or preventing fish theft. A Seahorse will produce 3 food pellets every hour in order to keep your fish fed. A Swordfish will attack other players who are trying to steal your fish.

These little guys only last for 15 days, so at that time you will have to buy new ones.


For more screenshots, click here.


Just like other Facebook games, you can invite your friends to your game by sending them an invitation. You can also send gifts to those friends who have been added to your list, this is an important step in socializing with other players.

You can also feed your friends fish when visiting their fishbowl. Also, you maybe able to steal fish from your friends.  On a note, keep in mind this can be extremely difficult to do if they have a Swordfish pet!

In Conclusion

Like many of the Facebook games, interacting with other Facebook members that have joined this game is important. Adding old friends and making new friends is a lot of fun while playing My Fishbowl.

So grab your friends and come on over and enjoy the fun at My Fishbowl.

My Fishbowl is free to play.

Play My Fishbowl Now


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