Rapala Tournament Fishing

8.7 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10

Lots of different lures and gears.

Unresponsive controls.

What Is Rapala Game

One of the major complaints for most fishing games of the past is having to purchase a separate controller in order to accurately simulate the mechanics of these games. Rapala Tournament Fishing is the first fishing game to take advantage of Wii Remote for gaming action.

Rapala has a number of modes to play through including free fishing, arcade and time trials. All of these are pretty much what their names imply. Tournament seems to be the most popular to date and pretty straightforward at setting up and getting started.

Start by creating a profile, choose an avatar from a nice selection and then enter various tournaments. The tournaments are all grouped into types, such as length and weight challenges.

Rapala Tournament Fishing12

Tournament Play

In order to move on to new tournaments, you must finish in the top 10 in all events in the current tournament. The events are set up by fish species, such as largemouth bass and the lakes and rivers you compete in. The rivers and lakes will offer you the fish types you want. Very rarely will you catch a species other than what you want.

Rapala Game Controls

At first, the controls might seem a little overwhelming but even the most novice will figure them out rather quickly.

To cast a line, just hold down the A button, make a casting motion with your arm and let go of the A button.

Reeling in the line is as simple as moving the Nunchuk in a circular motion. You can move the line to the right, left or back by simply moving the Wii remote in the same direction.

There are various controls for navigating your boat in different lakes and rivers as well. Both fishing and navigations have alternative schemes if you do not like the default settings.

Rapala Tournament Fishing10

When reeling the fish into your boat, there are various Wii Remote settings to assist you as well. For larger fish, you will want to adjust your drag in order of preventing the line from snapping.

The experienced outdoorsmen will like the true-to-life feeling and performance of the lures in water as well as the number of lures to choose from. Even though the large array of equipment from reels to tackle boxes might be a little overwhelming to the novice, this is counteracted by the ease of the game.

No matter which of the difficulty levels you choose to play, you will quickly discover there are plenty of fish biting at Rapala. As long as you pay attention to your tension meter and your onscreen advice, such as moving left to right, you’ll do just fine.

Even though most of the tournaments are timed, you can opt out of a tournament as long as you have caught the allotted number of fish required. The only exceptions to this rule is the “Total” events because victory is determined by the total number of fish or the total weight. Therefore, you will need to spend the maximum amount of time in order to haul in the largest possible amount.

Rapala Tournament Fishing3

For more screenshots, click here.

Viewing Modes

There are two views you can choose from:

Third-person view from the boat or a view of the lure and fish underwater and side view of your fisherman. Using this particular view allows you to watch for some interested fish that are near your lure.

Accompanied Guide

While being accompanied by a guide, you will be provided feedback on your fishing activities such as the quality of your cast and how to reel in the fish. Depending your level of experience, you can either heed the advice or ignore it all together.

If fishing is your passion, come on over and enjoy the hours of countless fun with Rapala!

Rapala Tournament Fishing is free to play.

Play Rapala Tournament Fishing Now


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