Real World Fly Fishing

8.6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10

Photorealistic graphics.

The demo is free but you will have to pay with real money for the full version to enjoy the benefits of the game.

What Is Real World Fly Fishing

When you can’t just pack up and head to your favorite fishing spot, Real World Fly Fishing is the next best thing.  Real World Fly Fishing is, without doubt, the most life-like fishing game to date.  This game is a photo-realistic fly fishing simulator, bring the real world experience to your screen.


You will experience photo-realistic graphics, you are offered 24 rivers, lakes and streams to fish from and over 475 fishing sites. Imagine Midwestern spring creeks, Western freestone rivers, Tail-waters for trophy trout and warm water lakes and rivers for bass and panfish.

Real World Fly Fishing offers skill levels for beginners to experts. Enjoy amazingly realistic casting and mending, floating and sinking fly lines along with extremely advanced fish behavior. How about enjoying realistic insect hatches, up close match-the-hatch function and a virtual fishing guide providing excellent instructions.

You will also have optional challenge modes, free add-ons for even a larger selection of rivers and more. Real World Fly Fishing is also now available in French from Peche-Tee, their European partner!

Real World Fly Fishing12

The Game

From beginner to expert, you will be thrilled with over 475 fishing sites on 24 different water in this new Third Edition. If you are looking for a real battle, jump into the game’s  steelhead fishing experience.

At any time you may download many more waters and fish from the web site. How about going after sea bass on the coast of Italy, pike from Sweden, salmon from Canada and peacock bass from Brazil!

Test your skills by trying the challenge mode; your goal is to catch a fish at a series of sites and earn scores based on the size of the fish along with the time it takes to catch these fish.

If you are a beginner, fear not — the simulation is forgiving so you will catch fish even if you are just learning the basics. As your skills increase, you can challenge yourself by increasing your skill level.

Once you have reached the expert level, the fish will become highly selective, when it comes to the shape, color and size of your fly. They are also more selective in the food choices you are offering. You will definitely spook them if you throw a bad cast or the wake of fly dragging because you failed to mend the line during the draft.


You will have the very best range of equipment available anywhere. From rods in an assortment of lengths and weights to floating and sinking lines, strike indicators and split shots.

Real World Fly Fishing5

How about a huge selection of flies, with some that have been contributed by Fly Fisherman Magazine? There are classic and modern dry flies to imitate mayflies and more and wet flies, nymphs, scud patterns and streamers.

You will also have a dip-net so you can scoop up samples of the what the fish are feeding on and then compare it side-by-side with artificial flies in order to choose the very best match.

Real World Fly Fishing is a Great Learning Tool

If you are new to fly fishing, you will learn everything from equipment selection, casting , drift mending and matching the hatch.  With Real World Fly Fishing, you will have the most advanced and extensive instructions to move you toward expert levels!  With the ability to turn on a side viewing casting aid, you will see how your line reacts to your rod movements and correct those moves to perfection.

You will also have access to their virtual fishing guide that will give you professional advice and teach the very best techniques.

If you are an expert, just head to the waters and have a great time!

Real World Fly Fishing2

For more screenshots, click here.

Control your fly rod with a mouse or a joystick. Force-feedback joysticks are also supported, allowing you to feel the action.

On top of all this, there is a world-wide community of fans providing:

Hundreds of bodies of water,

Extra fly tying materials,

Over a 100 additional species of fish,

New flies,

Customized fly boxes, rods and much more.

In A Nutshell

If you want a real-world experience in fly fishing, this is the very best thing next to the real thing. Come join in to Real World Fly Fishing, you will never, ever be disappointed!

Real World Fly Fishing is free to play.

Play Real World Fly Fishing Now


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